Happy Together

Yiu-Fai and Po-Wing arrive in Argentina from Hong Kong and take to the road for a holiday. Something is wrong and their relationship goes … Read more

In the Mood for Love

Set in Hong Kong, 1962, Chow Mo-Wan is a newspaper editor who moves into a new building with his wife. At the same time, Su Li-zhen, a … Read more

My Blueberry Nights

Elizabeth's heart is broken. For solace, she drops in late at night a few times at Jeremy's diner for blueberry pie a la mode; they talk. … Read more

Ashes of Time

Ou-yang Feng lives in the middle of a desert, where he acts as a middle man to various swordsmen in ancient China. One of those swordsmen … Read more

The Grandmaster

Ip Man's peaceful life in Foshan changes after Gong Yutian seeks an heir for his family in Southern China. Ip Man then meets Gong Er who … Read more

Fallen Angels

Wong Chi-ming, a cold-blooded Hong-Kong-based assassin, has decided that he wants out. One last job stands in the way of a new life; … Read more


In the aftermath of In the Mood for Love (2000) , after losing Su Li-zhen, the love of his life, the journalist and author, Chow Mo-wan, … Read more